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KwaMoja has a more polished look

Thanks to my colleague Juergen Mueller the themes for KwaMoja have been given a much more professional and polished look.

The icon sets for each theme are now more unified

Each theme has a nicer look and feel

Input screens now use the much nicer looking <fieldset> elements rather than the ugly kludge of using tables

Elements use transitions for a smoother flow

The theme, the font size, and any regularly used functionality can be accessed directly from the header

The aim is to make using KwaMoja a much pleasanter experience

There are different themes to suit all tastes

Try the demo at to experience this new UX

Any comments or feedback go tour discussions forum at


Published by KwaMoja

My name is Tim Schofield, I have worked as an accountant in the UK since the early 1980's. I have been interested in writing software since acquiring my first Sinclair Spectrum. A large amount of my professional career has been spent implementing ERP companies at a number of sites.

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