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Release 20.03

The KwaMoja team are proud to announce the release of version 20.03 of our open source ERP system. The code can be downloaded from here.

Installation instructions can be found here. The system can be installed manually or by using the KwaMoja installer.

KwaMoja is based on the webERP system, and contains all of the functionality of webERP but with the addition of many new features. These include, in no particular order:

  • Warehousing functionality. A warehouse can be described down to bin level if required.
  • Upload attachments on sales orders.
  • Multi-language general ledger and stock descriptions.
  • Updated themes with a coordinated look and feel.
  • System automatically detects a right-to-left script and uses appropriate css.
  • Upload scans of expenses receipts.
  • More intuitive work order system.
  • Updated BOM system.
  • Create and save templates for regular journals.
  • General Ledger transactions can have multiple tags.
  • Flexible sales commission system.
  • User configurable dashboard.
  • Flexible ABC stock rankings.
  • Upload attachments for customer branches.
  • and many others……

A script is provided to convert from the latest webERP to KwaMoja and this can be found here. As described in this blog post, all care must be taken using this script.


Published by KwaMoja

My name is Tim Schofield, I have worked as an accountant in the UK since the early 1980's. I have been interested in writing software since acquiring my first Sinclair Spectrum. A large amount of my professional career has been spent implementing ERP companies at a number of sites.

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